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I'll take Manhattan

One highlight of my recent trip back East was a chance to finally catch a live show by Vince Giordano's and the Nighthawks. A frequent guest on Prairie Home Companion, Vince runs a great 20's style jazz band, one of the few out there these days, and certainly one the most energetic and authentic. I loved, loved, loved their show! The band was fabulous, and Vince has a charming stage presence and rapport with the audience.

The highlight of the evening was getting to sit in with Vince, something I had hoped might happen but hadn't expected. I usually hate watching videos of myself, but this evening was so much fun, I'm willing to put aside my typical self criticisms to relive it and share it with you. A big thanks to jazz writer Michael Steinman for the capturing it on video. (Now if only I had looked at the camera a time or two, ... and perhaps laid off the canoli's while in nyc)

(Note: the video says March 20th, but actually it was April 20th, for those of you keeping score)

And speaking of Michael, If you're any sort of jazz/swing fan, you need to be reading Michael's wonderful blog,Jazz Lives. Lots of good stuff there - great musician profiles, CD reviews, videos, as well as some insider tips for NY shows.


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Karina Tiwana:

Sensational! You look beautiful and stop with the Canoli comments.....NONSENSE You have a sweet and natural stage personality not to mention a great voice, that is extremely appealing. I'm a big fan!


Thanks Karina, You're too sweet! It seems like forever since I've seen you...hope all's well!

sylvia austin:

Loved you video, sorry it took me so long to see it but I just found your card you gave me at the Hearst Castle Dinner. I always new your voice and great appeal would take you places
your friend


Thanks Sylvia - so nice to hear from you, hope to see you soon!


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