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We're going big, baby, I can feel it!


Playing for the jazz club at three rivers was a ton of fun. But I had to LOL when I saw this marquee... nothing says your career is on the right track than sharing the billing with, um... flu shots. Next Reynolds Brother's Rhythm Rascals album cover?


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Look on the bright side -- even though the comment is far too late for relevance. It says that your brand of rhythm and sweetness is essential to everyone, just like a flu shot. Swing prevents us from getting sick in / of the modern world. So roll up your sleeves, everyone!

Murray Schmidt, BSR Pres:

Dawn and Marc,

Your website is good. Iam using band websites in BSR advertising. On our OFFbeat, a couple of months ago, George Smith had our guest band lineup for the entire year. And, with each band, he listed their website. I am sending out Press Releases with the websites listed. In our ads in the Trib on the thursdays before each Sunday Session, I am including websites of the bands that are playing. Chet Yeager has a good one for the Night Blooming Jazzmen.

Our "pismojazz.com" website has been completely redone. It is great! Check it out.

Debbie Peterson is working on my BSR Publicity Committee. She will write a story from a website,and email it out with photos from webs.

Good luck and keep swinging! Murray

john 20 We're going big, baby, I can feel it! (Dawn Lambeth & The Usonia Jazz Band) (XX) : Dark or Dark : Black Smokey barbecue grilling * Surroundings Nike jordan 20 (XX) First (OG) : Far east (Chutney and Light -- DR.MARTENS Dark-colored) * Oxygen The nike jordan 20 (XX) Authentic (OG) -- Midwest (School Reddish and Light -- Dark) * Atmosphere Michael jordan 20 (XX) Or even.


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