May 1, 2009

I'll take Manhattan
One highlight of my recent trip back East was a chance to finally catch a live show by Vince Giordano's and the Nighthawks. A frequent guest on Prairie Home Companion, Vince runs a great 20's style jazz band, one of... Continue reading "I'll take Manhattan" »

January 7, 2009

York, New York mini tour
My old friends in the Boilermaker Jazz Band have invited me to join them on a little mini tour, and I can't wait to dig out my winter coat and boots and head back east. Seriously, it's going to be... Continue reading "York, New York mini tour" »
We're going big, baby, I can feel it!
Playing for the jazz club at three rivers was a ton of fun. But I had to LOL when I saw this marquee... nothing says your career is on the right track than sharing the billing with, um... flu... Continue reading "We're going big, baby, I can feel it!" »


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